Premium Beers

Beer List: 


  • OuterSpace IPA


Out of this world “SouthEast” style IPA made with exotic Galaxy hops from Australia that bring notes of passion fruit & peaches, Citra hops bring a crisp mouthfeel with notes of limes & grapefruit, & the rare Nelson Sauvin hops from New Zealand... whose unique characteristics bring the fruity notes of its namesake, Sauvignon Blanc. Our one of a kind beer is finished off with El Dorado hops that are used to slightly bitter the beer while adding its amazing candy-like aroma. 




  • Tropical Milkshake IPA 


Let’s get weird ! The newly released and rarely found Sabro hops are the stars of this beer; by bringing its unique tropical aromas of stone fruits & coconut, balanced out by slight notes of cedar and mint. We pair this All-Star hop with Galaxy to add to that tropical flavor, rounding it all out with the versatile Mosaic hops, that bring a slight bit of pineapple sweet & citric bite. To complement the tropical qualities of our hops we have added grade A Madagascar vanilla beans & lightly toasted coconut flakes from the Philippines post-fermentation. Lactose & flaked oats were added as well to give the beer a silky, smooth, full body. Heads up, it’s a piña colada in your IPA. 


Upcoming Beers:


  • Nubian Strat(a)sphere Pale Ale 


Exotic hops is the name of the game for this beer. This crisp pale ale features the brand new Strata hops that bring a highly unique mix of Passionfruit, Strawberries, and Gooseberries balanced out with slight notes of cedar. To really show off we paired it with the extremely rare African Queen hops from South Africa, a one of a kind hop that brings exotic notes of blueberry, bubble gum, & lemongrass 





Interstellar Stout :


  • Baklava Cortadito Milk Stout conditioned with pistachios & walnuts, premium Papua New Guinea organic coffee beans, Madagascar Vanilla beans, Vietnamese cinnamon, & Orange/Lemon peels 


Shikoku Sour:


  • Far East style Berliner Weiss brewed with Yuzu from the Kochi Prefecture of Japan’s Shikoku Island, California Raspberries, and fresh Indonesian ginger